Questions and Answers


Question:  Who can attend the program?
Answer:  Our Target age is 25 and under.  Anyone can attend the program but only those required to attend and need a Certificate of Attendance have to pay.  The program is a Certificate Fee base program.  NOTE:  Some graphic reenactment content is included.   

Question:   Can I register by phone?
Answer:   No, You can only register online or onsite at the program.

Question:   How do I Register Online?
Answer:   Go back to the home page.
Click the REGISTER NOW button.
Scroll down and choose the location you want to attend .
The next page will be information about the location.
Click on the date you wish to attend.
That will take you to which is where you actually register for the program. Remember if you want to register online you will have to pay online by credit card.  The online registration fee is $50.00 plus a small credit card transaction fee.

QUESTION: How do I register onsite?
Answer:  Arrive at the location 15 to 20 minutes early.  You will register at the registration table.  The cost is $60.00 by cash or money order.  Bring a pictured ID with you to confirm your identity.

Question:   What if I register for a program and then I am unable to attend or miss the program?

Question:  What if I register for one program and decide another program is more convenient?
Answer:  Call us and we will transfer your registration as long as it is not late minute.   770-289-8598

Question:   What if I did not receive an Email Confirmation?
Answer:  Sometimes the Email Confirmation may end up in your spam folder.  Check there first.  We can send you a confirmation, just call or email us.


Question:   What if I lose my Certificate of Attendance?
Answer:  Go back to the home page and click on the Green Certificate Reissue Button.  That will take you to where you can register for a new Certificate.  It will cost you $20.00.  Once we get an email with your request we will Confirm your attendance and send you your Certificate by email or what ever means you requested within 24 hours.


Question:   How do I pay for a program that I attended and was unable to pay at the time I attended?
Answer:   On occasion someone attends a program and was unaware they had to pay for the program.  We allow one to attend without paying but they will not receive their Certificate until they pay for the program.  All you have to do is go to the home page click on the Green Unpaid Attendee Button.  It will take you to and there you will register for a Certificate.  It will cost you $60.00.  Once we get an email for your request we will confirm your attendance and email you your Certificate of Attendance within 24 hours.

Miscellaneous questions:

Question:  How long is the program?
Answer:   The program is a onetime program that last about one and a half hours.

Question:  Can I bring a friend?
Answer:  Siblings and friends can attend at no cost as long as they are not disruptive.

Question:  What if I am late?
Answer:  The program is only an hour and a half long there for you must be on time or you will be turned away.