Survey Comments of Program

By far the most common comment.

“I wish to see this be a requirement before drivers license are issued”.
S. Thompson,

“This program should be required before license is issued”.
M. White,


“Full with emotional stories made me think really hard”
K. Jackson,

“This is an amazing course”
R. Patel,

“The real life situations and that I could potentially hurt others through my actions”.

– M. Cordova,

“I have attended a few driving course that for the most part cover the same material.  The difference in TVIP for me is that it puts things into a perspective more relatable perspective.  A lot of the scenarios that resulted in teen death are situations that I have found myself in before.  Learning one miniscule mistake can have such a catastrophic outcome is going to make me a much more alert & aware driver.
– A. Watkins,

“I text and drive every time I get in the car and I never wear my seatbelt, even though
I have flipped my car before.  This will make me think before I act when it comes to driving”.
– J. Lustenberger,


Because of this program my son & I Promise To Never Text & Drive Nor Let Anyone Driving Text & Drive”.
– C. Pappas,