Letter from a parent

Letters from Schools:


“…Many parents have reported that your talk led to talks at home, in the car, at the dinner table, talks about safe driving, teenage choices, and, more.  You have done our community a great service with your work.”

– Paul Wieman, Rye Country Day NY

“It Won’t Happen To Me is serving the noblest of missions.  The parents were listening and, even more amazing, so were our children.  I have no doubt that the afternoon you spent with us will save at least one life.”

– Barbara Lager, Pace Academy GA

“This exceptional program, which unfortunately includes the story of one of our own tragic losses, has had a lasting impact on our school community…  The students were still talking about the message weeks and even months after they heard the tragic stories of these young people who never thought it could happen to them.”

– Chris Freer, Woodward Academy GA

“As the coordinator of our assembly program, I must say that I think your approach to this sensitive topic hit the mark better than the other people we have had speak to the kids about this subject…  Seeing real people and hearing their real stories made the message convincing and powerful…  I’m convinced that you saved a life or two that morning.”

– Bob Sears, Athens Academy GA

“The entire way the program was organized made it one of the most effective programs of this nature we have ever had for students or for the parents.  We have had many, many parents thank us for bringing the program here, and people are still talking about it even though the program was weeks ago.”

– Brian McGreevy, Porter Gaud School SC

“Your presentation to the students once again brings the act of making good decisions to the forefront of their minds…  Thank you for founding this organization that takes the time to spread the word to teenagers and adults that tragedy can happen to anyone.  We truly support your mission of helping reduce the number one cause of teen fatalities, car crashes.”

– Christine Bay, Banks County High School GA

“Mr. Richardson is able to balance the sensitive nature of the information and the respect for the victims while presenting factual information about safety factors such as seat belt usage, excessive speed, drinking, overcorrection when a vehicle leaves the roadway, and inexperience of young drivers.  His story-like format captivated the interest of all in attendance.”

– Betty Franklin, Hooper Renwick School GA

“Your presentation was absolutely wonderful.  Your message really struck a nerve with our students…  They have been talking about it all day…   Especially the point that decisions they make while they are behind the wheel of a car impact not only themselves, but everybody around them.”

– Joanna Mayer, Smithville Police Department MO

“This was far more involved than instruction of learning good habits or techniques while behind the wheel…  We at AGS strongly suggest you take the time and have an open dialogue about the number one cause of teen death in our country.”

– Rob Burlington, Atlanta Girls School GA

“One of the most powerful parts of the program is that it sparked conversation among our faculty, parents and students.  That, I believe, is an important  first step in helping us all to realize that it can, indeed, happen to us.  I strongly recommend this program and hope to have the opportunity to host it again at Ravenscroft in the coming years.”

– Doreen Kelly, Ravenscroft School NC

“The presentation was very well done, and was presented in a sensitive and appropriate manner, which is quite an accomplishment when presenting such an emotional and difficult – yet important – subject…  I believe your message reached its target and – both as an educator and as a parent – I would like to thank you and the other presenters for your dedication to educate our youth and increasing their awareness. “

– Ronda Amaya, Mariner High School FL

“I would highly endorse your program and would be pleased to offer references for any group or school seeking your services as a guest speaker.  We are looking forward to having you back next year to talk to a fresh new group of soon to be drivers.”

– Krista Stewart, Parkview High School GA

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