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It Won’t Happen To Me (IWHTM) is dedicated to reducing the number of car crashes through education and awareness.  It Won’t Happen To Me portrays the lives of drivers whose lives were shortened due to driving related motor vehicle crashes. It is our hope that by relating how these tragedies affected family and friends that these stories will help drivers make better decisions when in a car.

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Programs Provided by IWHTM AND TVIP


If you have a teen or young adult, our Traffic Violators Impact Program (TVIP) is a must. Saving even one life makes it all worth it!     Contact us    for more information about our program or for a copy of our book.  What we talk about applies to everyone who gets into a car, not just young drivers.  If you would like to donate you can make a donation click here.

It Won’t Happen To Me (IWHTM) and TVIP are especially grateful to the families who have shared the loss of their teen with us, hoping that it will save other families from possibly experiencing the same tragedy. The young drivers featured in our program are teaching thousands every year –  They Are Saving Lives

View the latest copy of our Nationwide Edition of our It Won’t Happen To Me Book.


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It Won’t Happen To Me would not be a successful organization without the willingness of families to share their loss. The attendees that attend our program  state that the real life stories we share are very impactful and set us apart from other programs.  The Memory Walks have been our way of giving back to the families.  Due to the rapid growth of the organization, we find it difficult to continue the Walks.  We will always remember the young sons and daughters lives that were shared with us, knowing  that they have saved countless lives. 

If you have lost a teen or young adult in a car crash, and would like to have your son or daughter represented in our book, please let us know.  It is our goal to help families to keep the memory of their teen or young adult alive and to give purpose behind their loss by sharing their story.  In doing so, preventing other families from having to experience the loss of a son or daughter through car crashes.

It Won’t Happen To Me (IWHTM) and Traffic Violators Impact Program (TVIP) are dedicated to reducing the Number One cause of teen and young adult deaths – Car Crashes – through education and awareness.  Our educational initiatives help young drivers become safe and more responsible drivers.  We do this by sharing the stories of teens that have lost their lives in car crashes.  We discuss the choices that were made that led to their death, as well as how their death could have been prevented.  The organization also strives to make parents aware of the importance of proper training and monitoring of their teen or young driver.



We spread this message primarily through presentations to Schools, Churches, Synagogues and Civic Organizations.  It is very ideal for assemblies prior to HOMECOMING, SPRING BREAK, PROM and GRADUATION.  Our presentation consists of a discussion of real life stories of teens and young drivers that have died in car crashes, the decisions that led to their car crash and how it could have been prevented, seat belt and texting videos.  Topics discussed are: Distractions, Texting-Cell Phones, Seatbelts, Speed, Overcorrection, Weather, Horseplay and What about the other guy.

Call us to see about having us speak to your school or organization.  Parents are encouraged to attend presentations where possible. If you would like more information about our Program please contact me at Terrell Taylor at Terrell@tvip.org


We have also created a book that focuses on the reality of what can happen to inexperienced young drivers and how it affects family and friends.  This book is moving and makes the reader think about his or her driving habits.  Parents have allowed us to share the stories of their loss in hopes that other teens or young adults won’t make the same decisions or choices.  Click Here to view our Fourth NationWide Edition book.


Schools, Churches and Civic Organizations

The It Won’t Happen To Me Program through its outreach efforts conducts programs designed to reach specific audiences whether it is an assembly of students at a school, youth groups ie. scouts, home school associations, churches, synagogues or other types of community events.  We have four goals; getting rid of the “It Won’t Happen To Me” mindset, To Encourage Seat Belts Use, To Emphasize the Dangers of Cell Phones Use and To Educate about the Consequences of Speed.   These events are designed to instill in the audience the importance and seriousness of driving.  We utilized powerful videos and share the actual stories of teens and young adults that have died in car crashes.  We discuss the causes as well as how these tragedies could have been avoided.  This is an interactive program designed to keep the attention of the audience and if time allows Q&A at the end of the program.

After attending one of our program’s one walks away with a different perspective about the seriousness and responsibilities that go along with driving as well as the responsibilities of being a passenger in a car.  Keep in mind that although we focus our programs toward teen and young adult drivers what we talk about applies to every driver of all ages as well as passengers.

For more information on the cost of the presentation, call Terrell at 770-289-8598, or Terrell@tvip.org

It Won’t Happen To Me

Bill Richardson


Many companies and corporations have periodic security or safety training programs throughout the year.  We feel there is a need to address the adult workforce on the serious nature of driving.  So many families are affected by personal tragedies in the family that affect their work and productivity.  There is also a great need to address safe driving in the workplace.

From the surveys we get from not only teens but also adults that attend our program, there is a need to not only to educate young adults but parents as well.  We get so many comments, ‘I did not know’, ‘I did not realize’, ‘I never thought about that’.  We feel that there is a need to reach out to adults as well. Educating and training young drivers to drive starts at home.  Therefore we are reaching out to the corporate world in an effort to reach adults in the workplace, not just to make them better parents, but to create a safer work environment and reduce the liability for the workplace.

We have conducted programs for organizations such as Delta Airlines and Cintas across the country.  We concentrate in the areas of seat belt usage, phone usage, and liability issues on a personal and corporate level.  All you have to do is a simple web search and see the numerous tragedies that occur every day that affect personal lives and corporations due to crashes whether it be a car, large truck, buses, trains or specialized vehicles.

So with this need so apparent, we are embarking on a mission to reach adults at their workplace.  In doing so we feel we can make a difference.  A better-informed adult when it comes to driving can produce a better-informed driver, thereby reducing their chance of becoming a victim of a tragedy, as well as make the workplace a safer environment.

If you have the responsibility of seeking out educational or safety programs to be presented to employees at your company, you can contact us at the information below.

It Won’t Happen To Me

Terrell Taylor


We are endeavoring to reach as many people as we can through as many venues as we can.  In addition to speaking to schools, religious venues, court programs etc. we would like to have the opportunity to speak at your conference or seminar.

We have spoken at Judge’s, District Attorney’s and Solicitor’s Conferences.  We have also attended various school related Conferences such as Secondary School Administrators and Counselors Conferences for both public and private schools.

If you have the responsibility of acquiring speakers for your particular conference or Seminar and would like more information about having us speak, please contact us at the information below.

It Won’t Happen To Me

Terrell Taylor

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