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An Educational Initiative To Reduce Driver Traffic Violations And To Save Lives!

About Us


To become the premier choice of court systems across the country to help correct the behaviors of traffic violators.


We are dedicated to reducing driver traffic infractions and deaths by providing educational initiatives for court systems to utilize when addressing traffic violators.

Core Values:

T - Teamwork: We work together to accomplish the mission of TVIP, knowing that everyone has a role in achieving it. We operate to serve others with the right motivation, always assuming positive intent in our interactions and making the most generous assumption of others. 

V- Value: We value the life of every individual. Therefore, we endeavor to teach good practices and decision-making to every person with every opportunity given.

I - Integrity: We honor the lives of the victims and their families and will represent them with integrity. By telling their stories and sharing their experiences, we will uphold a high level of moral character.

P - Passion: We are passionate about saving lives through our driving education initiative and keeping our roadways safe for all travelers.

What People Are Saying about TVIP

“These real life stories can have a strong impact on young traffic violators and their future driving behavior. Since the program began in 2006, we have seen a dramatic reduction in teen traffic fatalities in Gwinnett . This program has proven to be an important and effective resource in Gwinnett.”

Rosanna M. Szabo, Gwinnett Solicitor-General

“Patrick is one of the “good guys” you mentioned-we couldn’t believe he was pegged driving 30 over. Please let the lady know who spoke that she really touched my son. My wife said he cried as he told her about the evening…how much a bad decision that day continues to hurt (and haunt) the victim’s family.

David Hidding, Dad

“It was amazing to see how the crowd’s attention was captured in the very beginning, and captivated and maintained throughout the entire program. There is no doubt in my mind after attending the program that it will make a difference in the driving habits of the young driviers in our communities.

Judge Cody Cross, Madison County, GA

“Your ability to relate your personal experiences as a former police officer, the impactful videos shown during the program, the gut wrenching testimonies of mothers who have lost their children, as well as the scenarios you review with the audience on how you should handle situations, are moving and powerful. As a parent, I especially appreciated the advice you give the teenagers about encouraging an open dialogue between them and their parents.”

Judge Deborah Andersen, Paulding County Probate Court

“From the bottom of my heart, thank you. The host Dan Lorenz and videos really made an impact on me. I know that if it can help open my eyes and give me a different perspective of driving, it can do the same for other teens.

William Seo, Teen Attendee

“I believe the speech given by the mom was catalyst in these kids getting the overall picture. Real stories and people, validate the point that you are trying to get across to these kids. Not only does it make an impact on our kid’s but validates their life. Your course should be mandatory for all teen drivers.”

Debbie Toth, Mom

“The videos were superb; as were the discussions. I’ve always been an avid wearer of my seat belt, but never gave it too much thought as to others in the car not wearing theirs. Your seminar totally changed my mind on that! This had a huge impact on the way my daughter sees things. She has even decided to talk to her boyfriend and other friends about many of the topics including texting and seat belt use.

Gina, Mom

“ What I came away with was more than I expected. I didn’t expect to hear about the divorces, suicides, loss of jobs and disruption of sibling’s lives, or that failing to wear a seatbelt is a major cause of teen deaths. I didn’t expect to hear how to handle communications between you and your teenage if they are running late, got mixed up in the wrong crowd or made a bad decision in alcohol related choices. I didn’t expect you to explain to these young drivers how to get their vehicle back on the roadway safely, if they ran off the shoulder. I didn’t expect to come away impacted so greatly by what you are doing for our teens. What I came away with will change my views forever.”

Jane Gaguski, Court Administrator, Gwinnett County, GA

Let’s Discuss How To Bring Tvip Into Your Community, Courtroom Or School!

Mailing Address

1911 Grayson Highway
Suite 8-323
Grayson, GA 30017

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