What We Do

The Traffic Violator Impact Program is a diversion program designed to educate young drivers on the consequences of decisions and choices made while in a car. We do this by sharing the stories of young people killed in car crashes and the choices that were made that led to their death.

Program Content

Topics covered – Distractions, Texting, Seatbelts, Speed, Overcorrection, Weather, Horseplay, What about the Other Guy
Seat belt Video
Victim of a Car Crash Speaker
Some programs cover Substance Abuse as well
A Question and Answer Session

It Won’t Happen To Me, Inc.

We also have programs for schools, churches, various civic organizations, corporate safety meetings and conferences. This is part of our proactive effort to educate young drivers and their parents on the serious nature of DRIVING. What we share will wake up all who see our program to their own driving habits and perhaps change their way of think when behind the wheel. CLICK HERE

If you would like to view our Fourth Edition Nationwide Book you can Click Here: